Roundell plus more speed

Roundell Hard combines speed and spin performances, with outstanding control, enabling delicate controlled play with its rather hard sponge and attacking strokes thanks to its soft top sheet. It is recommended for players who need powerful strokes without losing control.

Name Roundell Hard
Code 05890
Type High Tension pimples-in
Technology High Tension
Speed 78
Spin 49
Arc 62
Sponge hardness 40
Sheet color Red, black
Sponge thickness 2.1, 1.9, 1.7
Country of origin Japan

*The performance index for Butterfly rubbers has been revised from February 2023 in line with improved measurement methods. > Learn more

– This product is very delicate, and its surface is easily scratched. To protect the rubber, be sure to protect the surface with a protective adhesive film after use.

Product categories

Product categories

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