October 11, 2023 Info

Butterfly donates an equipment package to Tonga Table Tennis Federation, helping restore the community after the volcano eruption

Tongan table tennis community smiling at the table (Photo courtesy= ITTF Foundation)

Butterfly donated an equipment package, consisting of six tables, six net sets, 50 rackets, and 600 balls, to Tongan Table Tennis Federation through the ITTF Foundation's Emergency Relief Fund (ERF).

Tonga, located in Polynesia in the South Pacific, was hit hard by a submarine volcano eruption and a tsunami caused by the eruption that occurred on January 15, 2022. The ITTF Foundation approached us to help Tonga Table Tennis Federation and Tongan table tennis community rebuild after the disaster. The ITTF Foundation's ERF aims to help the local people restore their lives by providing them with the opportunity to enjoy table tennis in the affected areas. We share this philosophy by contributing to the restoration of Tonga table tennis community.

Comment by ITTF Foundation
We extend our deepest gratitude to Butterfly for their support which enabled the ITTF Foundation's Emergency Relief Fund to show unwavering commitment to the people of Tonga. Together, we stand as a symbol of hope and recovery, proving that even in the darkest times, the human spirit can prevail.

Comment by Takako Osawa, President of Tamasu Co., Ltd.
We are delighted to see the people of Tonga enjoying table tennis with the equipment we sent, as well as to have the equipment package delivered safely to Tonga, despite the difficulties we encountered during the transportation.
This event showed us that there are places that have difficulty getting table tennis supplies. As such, we will work hard every day to help deliver our table tennis equipment to these countries and regions.
As Japan is also prone to natural disasters, we understand how devastating it can be for the people in these areas and how difficult it is to restore after the damage. We wish for Tonga's earliest recovery.

(Photo courtesy= ITTF Foundation)