The combination of Spring Sponge X and the advanced top sheet enables racket movement in a more forward direction and imparts more power onto the ball. Expand your possibilities in the game with Dignics.

Tenergy has made techniques easier that were once considered difficult, such as banana-flicks and counter topspins. Since its introduction, its high rotation and speed performance has been highly coveted by table tennis athletes.

Equipped with Spring Sponge X. A top sheet with identical technology to that which is used in the Dignics series. A new stage of performance helping you fulfill your potential is within reach. Now experience the effect on your improvement.

A long pimpled rubber that relies on both its top sheet and sponge. Ilius creates both a long pimpled-effect and stability.

The design inspired by the attitude of Fan Zhendong whose goal is to always move forward. Feel the vibe of the world’s No.1 athlete in five variations.

Lin Yun-Ju, the rising star from Chinese Taipei, uses this blade with great success. The fusion of such power-oriented blade with a relatively high reaction property and his unique ball touch supports his sharp banana flicks and fast counter attacks.

Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC, developed in close cooperation with the superstar of team Germany Dimitrij Ovtcharov, features a thicker and slightly larger blade compared to Innerforce Layer ALC.

An Innerfiber blade combined with ZL Carbon fibers close to the core wood, utilizing the high reaction and the touch of long dwell time. It is recommended to players looking to enable powerful offensive play and passive control simultaneously.

A blade equipped with Super Arylate-Carbon that provides higher bounce whilst maintaining good flexibility; a feature of Arylate-Carbon.