“I’ve been using Butterfly equipment for a long time and the blades with the famous players are very special to me. I'm very happy that I now have a blade with my name on it.”

“I like the good ball retention of this blade. It’s easy to control my service, receive and stop, and to block against the strong shots.
The gold lens on the grip is a beautiful accent. I also came up with the idea of the “PF mark” with the initials. I think it’s a great, simple and timeless design and I hope you like it too.”

Franziska’s choice

Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05 I’m using currently, at least in my opinion, are the best to the racket because the racket has already quite long dwell time, so I think it’s important to have faster rubber on it.

(A comment by Patrick Franziska as of June 1, 2021)

Patrick Franziska (Germany)

Born on June 11, 1992. Right-handed offensive player. Mixed doubles 3rd at World Championships 2019.
His game features precise techniques, and powerful offensive play taking advantage of his physical strength. He has been playing a key role for Team Germany.

Player’s info