The short push stops near the net while the topspin lands deep in the opponent’s court.

Although it performs powerful even if you hit from the middle distance from the table, its ball-holding tackiness lends excellent passive control.

Furthermore, its high rotation performance allows returning to the opponent with high quality.

It has a high reaction like a high tension rubber and also exhibits the characteristics of an adhesive rubber.

Experience a whole new feel with Dignics 09C.

Dignics 09C
Dignics 09C
High friction High Tension pimples-in Rubber [Spring Sponge X]
Speed: 79, Spin: 96, Arc: 96, Sponge hardness: 44

Covering new ground

The R & D staff at Butterfly sought to develop a rubber that has both high reaction as a tension rubber and the high rotational performance of a tacky rubber.

What is Dignics 09C?

Development with Timo Boll

“A rubber of a totally new type. I have long wished to play with such a rubber”

Timo Boll’s passion for the new rubber

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