The regulations of the International Table Tennis Federation state: “At least 85 % of the blade by thickness shall be of natural wood.” In other words, we may adopt any special materials for the remaining 15 % for reinforcement. However, no high-performance rackets will be produced only by attaching some special materials without analysis; balance is crucial to make the best product. Butterfly will continue to research materials that best suit the techniques of future generations as well as continually improving the quality of the blade.

Super Arylate-Carbon Super Arylate-Carbon

Super Arylate-Carbon achieves a higher bounce by weaving in a larger amount of fibers than conventional Arylate-Carbon.
In addition, adjusting the ratio of Arylate and carbon materials maintains blade suppleness which is a characteristic achieved via the use of Arylate-Carbon.

Cellulose Nano Fiber (CNF) Cellulose Nano Fiber (CNF)

Very thin fiber obtained by finely loosening plant fibers such as wood to Nanometer size, Cellulose Nano Fiber (CNF) enables blades with low vibration, providing the feeling of "holding the ball" to the blade, despite high reaction values.

Super ZL-Carbon Super ZL-Carbon

Super ZL-Carbon has 1.8 times as much densely woven Carbon-Fibers and ZL-Fibers in mass, as the existing ZL-Carbon by using special technology. The remarkable reaction and control provided by the expanded high-reaction area has taken the blade to the next stage.

ZL-Carbon ZL-Carbon

ZL-Carbon is a woven combination of Carbon fiber and ZL-Fiber: Carbon fiber has a high reaction level and ZL-Fiber provides strength, elasticity and lightness. ZL-Carbon, the super fiber, gives the blade a high level of performance.

ZL-Fiber ZL-Fiber

ZL-Fiber has a detailed molecular configuration that is strong and elastic. Its ratio is 10 percent lower than Carbon fiber, thus making the blade both light and with a high performance level.

Arylate-Carbon Arylate-Carbon

Arylate-Carbon is a special material created with a woven combination of Arylate and Carbon. Blades using Arylate-Carbon have power, speed and control.

Carbon (Tamca-5000) Carbon (Tamca-5000)

Carbon (Tamca-5000) is strong and light: six times stronger and one fifth in weight compared with iron and steel. Blades using Tamca-5000 are light and strong with high elasticity and enable high performance.

CA-Fiber CA-Fiber

CA-Fiber is a special material derived from wood. As it is very flexible, it helps to hold the ball which offers a higher level of control. Additionally, the tensile strength is high so there is also good speed.