high tension

High Tension technology enhances the reaction of the playing surface by adding tension to the rubber molecule itself; this is made possible by applying special substances to rubber materials.

Micro Layer

The base of the top sheet is very thin, visible to the naked eye. The rubber compresses and the surface is depressed by the ball on impact; thus enabling a high degree of rotation to be imparted on the ball.

spring sponge

Flexibility and bounce

Like a coil spring, the Spring Sponge absorbs the incoming energy of the ball and releases it as additional power for the player's own shot. Rubbers with Spring Sponge technology enable shots with high amounts of spin.

spring spongeX

Easier to impact than conventional Spring Sponge and with an improved rebound the new Spring Sponge X provides the increased feeling of holding the ball on the racket and enables to arc the ball even better, creating more spin and powerful shots, all with a total weight reduced by about three percent, compared to Spring Sponge with the same hardness and thickness.

The sponge was developed for playstyles that require long pimpled rubbers. High probability of long-pimpled effects as well as high ease of use are achieved as the sponge absorbs the impact of the opponent's shot very well despite its hardness. There are two types; Absorber Sponge Heavy dyed in British green (adopted for Ilius S) and Absorber Sponge Drop dyed in turquoise green (adopted for Ilius B).

absorber spongeAbsorbing shocks like dampers * The graphic is provided for illustrative purposes only

Absorber Sponge Heavy

The Sponge absorbs the impact of the ball well whilst maintaining the ease of which the pimples bend. Therefore, the Ilius S equipped with this sponge allows for stable chops and pushes with heavier spin.

Absorber Sponge HeavyThe sponge absorbing the impact

Absorber Sponge Drop

When combined with a stiffer sponge, the pimples are more likely to bend, resulting in a long pimpled effect. The Ilius B equipped with this sponge demonstrates its qualities and capabilities best when you want to handle an opponent's ball close to the table during shots such as blocks or drop shots.

Absorber Sponge DropThe pimples bending well due to the hard sponge