Roundell plus more control

Roundell Soft enhances usage by combining Roundell with a very soft sponge. Added is a high control level with a unique high quality softer sponge, it realises stable strokes. It is recommended for players who very much value control with consistency.

Name Roundell Soft
Code 05880
Type High Tension pimples-in
Technology High Tension
Speed 76
Spin 37
Arc 54
Sponge hardness 32
Sheet color Red, black
Sponge thickness 2.1, 1.9, 1.7
Country of origin Japan

*The performance index for Butterfly rubbers has been revised from February 2023 in line with improved measurement methods. > Learn more

– This product is very delicate, and its surface is easily scratched. To protect the rubber, be sure to protect the surface with a protective adhesive film after use.

Product categories

Product categories

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  • Shoes
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