For ideal balance between spin and speed

Tenergy 80 balances between spin and speed at the very highest level in the Tenergy Series. Pimples code No. 180 are adopted, having been developed to make the more balanced play possible. Tenergy 80 enables all-round top-spin play, attack and counter attack regardless of playing style.

Name Tenergy 80
Code 05930
Type High Tension pimples-in
Technology High Tension, Spring Sponge
Speed 85
Spin 73
Arc 77
Sponge hardness 36
Sheet color Red, black
Sponge thickness 2.1, 1.9, 1.7
Country of origin Japan

*The performance index for Butterfly rubbers has been revised from February 2023 in line with improved measurement methods. > Learn more

– Please use a Butterfly water-based glue when applying to a blade.

– As this rubber has a delicate surface, it will be easily damaged. In order to protect it, please cover it with protect sheet after playing.

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Product categories

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