Defensive model with ZL-Fiber

Blades with Innerfiber technology place the artificial fibers closer to the core, resulting in lower vibration property and more controlled play. The Innershield Layer ZLF features high flexibility and a larger sweet spot due to the ZL-Fibers which give the blade enough speed to satisfy the offensive needs of a modern defender.

Code FL: 36691, ST: 36694
Type Defensive shakehand
Reaction property 5.5
Vibration property 4.9
Blade size 166×155 mm
Blade thickness 5.1 mm
Blade structure 5-ply wood + 2 ZL-Fiber [Innerfiber]
Handle size 1) FL: 100×24×34 mm
ST: 100×23×30 mm
Country of origin Japan
1) Length × height × end width
* The weight of blades differs according to condition in humidity and temperature. Click here to refer the blade weight.
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Product categories

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