Tiago Apolonia’s model

Butterfly Star Tiago Apolonia grants the name for this blade and is already using it at international tournaments. The ZLC fibers are placed closer to the core (Innerfiber technology) which, combined with the softer outer veneer, gives the blade increased dwell time, while maintaining the typical ZLC precision and punch. Apolonia ZLC is suited best for players looking for the feel of a spin-dynamic ZLC fiber blade with increased passive control.

Code FL: 36831, ST: 36834, AN: 36832
Type Offensive shakehand
Reaction property 10.5
Vibration property 9.5
Blade size 157×150 mm
Blade thickness 5.7 mm
Blade structure 5-ply wood + 2 ZL-Carbon [Innerfiber]
Handle size 1) FL: 100×24×34 mm
ST: 100×23×28 mm
AN: 100×24×34 mm
Country of origin Japan
1) Length × height × end width
* The weight of blades differs according to condition in humidity and temperature. Click here to refer the blade weight.
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