Improved ease of imparting spin on the ball

The Innerforce Layer ALC.S is designed according to the concept of the popular Innerforce Layer ALC blade – but it moves one step further. The thinner core layer provides reduced weight and a lower vibration property, recommended for an offensive playing style focused on the spin.
Code FL: 36861, ST: 36864, AN: 36862
Type Offensive shakehand
Reaction property 10.1
Vibration property 8.4
Blade size 157×150 mm
Blade thickness 5.5 mm
Blade structure 5-ply wood + 2 Arylate-Carbon [Innerfiber]
Handle size 1) FL: 100×24×34 mm
ST: 100×23×28 mm
AN: 100×24×34 mm
Country of origin Japan
1) Length × thickness × end width
* The weight of blades differs according to condition in humidity and temperature. Click here to refer the blade weight.
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