The first blade equipped with Super Arylate-Carbon

The Viscaria Super ALC is a blade equipped with Super Arylate-Carbon, which achieves a higher bounce while maintaining the flexibility of Arylate-Carbon. The basic design of the blade, such as the wood veneer structure, is based on the classic Viscaria, but the reaction property has been successfully improved without increasing the vibration property.
This blade is suitable not only for top players but also for intermediate to advanced players and is recommended for players who want to obtain more power utilizing the features of the conventional Arylate-Carbon.

Name Viscaria Super ALC
Code FL: 37191, ST: 37194
Type Offensive shakehand
Reaction property 12.1
Vibration property 10.1
Structure 5-ply wood + 2 Super Arylate-Carbon
Thickness 5.7 mm
Head size 157×150 mm
Handle size 1) FL: 100×25×34 mm
ST: 100×23×28 mm
Country of origin Japan

1) Length × thickness × end width
* The weight of blades differs according to condition in humidity and temperature. Click here to refer the blade weight.

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Product categories

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