High-spec Lezoline meeting top players’ requirements

Lightweight and flexible, the Lezoline Mach is designed to meet table tennis specific movements while providing a comfortable wearing sensation.

Code 93630
Color Navy/blue (408), Black/pink (901)
Material (Upper) Synthetic fiber (main body), artificial leather (reinforcing part)
Material (Sole) Rubber, EVA
Feature B-Absorber, Wingrip, B-Ridge, STB
Country of origin China

B-Ridge: Bridge-shaped middle sole supports sliding motion during footwork.

B-Absorber: Special shock-absorbing sponge placed between the outer and middle sole of the forefoot features cushioning and flexibility.

The outsole is made of a rubber material that possesses high amounts of grip, optimized for table tennis. It assists you in making accurate movements.

STB: It prevents distortion of the shoes which happens through the particular movement of table tennis, and bring you stable footwork.

Product categories

Product categories

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