Some people devote themselves to producing the same precise and identical equipment time after time. These are our staff members who manufacture our rubbers and blades. If the bounce or touch of a product is not constant, it would be fatal for elite players who live in a world of extreme competition, it might also prevent players who are still trying to obtain new skills from improving. That is why our staff members dedicate themselves every day to manufacturing so that we can provide the same quality in every single rubber and blade we produce for our customers.

Some people are passionate about creating new and improved equipment. This describes the Butterfly blade and rubber research and development department staff. The advancement of equipment is essential for the development of the sport. The direction of the evolution of table tennis may be determined by the kind of equipment they develop. Recognising their responsibility and mission, they work on research and development to achieve ever-higher performance.

We pursue quality and performance because we are driven by our understanding of what our players desire. Our products bring out players'potential and help make table tennis more versatile and dynamic.

Butterfly will continue to produce rubbers and blades that create table tennis no one has yet imagined.

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