Step 1


Prepare Chack Sheet II, a pair of scissors and a flat and hard object such as a ruler.

! Do not use Chack Sheet II but use Free Chack glue such as Free Chack II to apply Spring Sponge and Spring Sponge X generation rubbers such as Dignics and Tenergy series, Glayzer series and Rozena.

Step 2


Peel off part of the white protective paper from the underside of the glue sheet, place Chack Sheet II on the blade, starting at the top of the handle and press it down onto the blade. Next, peel off the remainder of the white paper and continue to press the glue sheet slowly onto the blade until the blade is fully covered, taking care to avoid any air bubbles.

Step 3


Rub over the surface of the blade using a hard object to ensure that any air bubbles are removed. The Chack Sheet II should now be firmly in place.

Step 4

Trim the Chack Sheet II to the size of the blade with a pair of scissors, and then peel back the blue protective paper from the top of the glue sheet.

Step 5

Working from the handle upwards, position the rubber on the blade and press it down firmly onto the blade to obtain good adhesion, taking care to avoid any air bubbles.

Step 6

Cut the edge constantly using a sharp scissor. Protect the edge by using a side tape.

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