Step 1

Prepare Free Chack glue such as Free Chack II, Clip Sponge and a pair of scissors. Please do not re-use the foam rolls, always use a fresh one for a gluing session. Never use other liquids at the same time.

Step 2

Apply Free Chack glue onto the sponge first as it will take a little longer to dry as opposed to the blade. A guide for the quantity of the glue is the surface area of a coin (diameter 20–25mm). Then, distribute evenly using the Clip Sponge.

Step 3

Apply Free Chack glue also to the blade after completely removing any remaining glue on the blade.

Step 4

Leave both for at least 10 minutes until the milky-white glue becomes transparent.

Step 5

Working from the handle upwards, position the rubber on the blade and press it down firmly onto the blade to obtain good adhesion, taking care to avoid any air bubbles and not to press the handle.

Step 6

Cut the edge constantly using a sharp scissor. Protect the edge by using a side tape.