The water-based glue with ease of use

Free Check II is both a strong adhesive and can be removed quickly.

Name Free Chack II
Code S: 74860, L: 75490, 500 ml: 75430
Type Water-based glue
Size S (106), L, 500 ml
Volume S: 20 ml, L: 100 ml, 500 ml: 500 ml
Country of origin Japan

* Please use Free Chack II to apply Spring Sponge and Spring Sponge X generation rubbers such as Dignics and Tenergy series and Rozena.


– If the glue makes contact with the skin, wipe off immediately and wash with soap.

- If the glue is mistakenly drunk, wash the mouth immediately. It must be vomited with plenty of water or milk. Contact a doctor immediately.

– If the glue makes contact with the eye, rinse immediately thoroughly with plenty of water. Consult eyes doctor if irritation of eyes develops.

– Keep the glue in a safe place and out of the reach of children.

– Use the glue only for the purpose of affixing racket coverings to the racket blade.

– Please keep between zero and 42 degrees Celsius. The glue freezes under zero degrees centigrade and at low temperatures may not be useable.

– Refrain from using if you have a latex allergy.

– Cease using immediately in case of any skin or health problems when using.

Product categories

Product categories

  • Rubbers
  • Blades
  • Care
  • Shoes
  • Balls
  • Complete Rackets